When you run out of hair styling cream

Now I have never actually tried any of these ones myself but I’m not big on styling products anyway so never have them in the house….. full of those yucky chemicals and we all know how I feel about them!

If you run out of a styling cream or a hairspray which you normally use to style or set your hair and manage fly-aways, try these substitutes.

• Substitute the styling cream with a bit of body lotion; it’s great for taming frizz and fly-aways.

• An old remedy from the yesteryears: Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in half a cup of hot water; when it cools dip your fingers in the solution and gently work your fingers through the hair to push it into place. As the water evaporates sugar crystallizes, providing firm hold. Do not apply too much of it. It might give the hair a stiff, unnatural look.

• If you have gelatine and lime at home, then you can prepare your own styling lotion quickly. Mix 5 tbsp gelatin and ½ tsp lime juice in a cup of hot water. Apply it to your hair to set it.

• Beer also works as an effective setting lotion. Additionally, it gives the hair body and shine. Dip cotton wool in cold beer and apply to style the hair the way you want. You can even pour some beer in a spray bottle to be used as a conditioner. After showering, spritz it on wet hair from roots to ends. Spread it evenly with a comb, then blow dry as usual. Beer yeast is rich in protein and vitamin B which reinforces the hair shafts and adds a thin ‘coat’ to the strands to help detangle; this also helps fly-away hairs stay put and adds bounce and shine


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