Home remedies for sleeplessness


The day dawns beautifully for those who have had a night of good sleep. But the same day drags on for those who have spent a disturbing, sleepless night. Sleep is a biological necessity even as eating and drinking are. Sufficient sleep renders a person normally sociable, lively and high-spirited. It’s a nature’s way of rejuvenating the person for the next day. Realize all this, and make sleep a physiological habit.

The consequences of long time sleep deprivation can be very grave. Lack of sleep takes its toll on the skin and hair. It causes acne-breakouts and makes one look aged and haggard beyond years. Experts opine that during sleep as our metabolic rate falls, blood goes to those areas which need the most repairing. This also steps up the production of collagen and keratin, which aid the regeneration of skin cells and help resist premature ageing.

So for a younger looking and a problem free skin you need to have a good quality of sleep every night.  Here are some tips which will ensure you a sound sleep. Along with these tips, some of these home-remedies will also help.

• We all heard that drinking milk before going to bed ensures sound sleep. But if we mix a tsp of Tulsi (Basil) juice in this milk then this remedy is still more effective.

• Drink coriander (dhaniya) (cilantro) juice mixed with a little sugar. Also include more of coriander and parsley in your diet. Eat raw cabbage salads.

• Drinking amla (gooseberry) juice or papaya juice before going to bed will also help.

• Soak poppy seeds (khas khas) in water and keep it overnight. Grind it to extract the thick milk. Similarly extract milk from a grated coconut. Mix equal quantities of both the milks and have it before going to bed. But those who are trying to lose weight should avoid this as this liquid is very high in calories.

• Mix 2 tsp of honey with 2 tsp of lemon or lime juice and have it before going to bed.

• Stuff half a teaspoon of cumin (jeera) powder in banana slices and have it every evening.

• Roast an onion and extract its juice and have it before going to bed.

• Before going to bed, massage cool herbal oils such as Brahmi(Asiatic pennywort) oil and hibiscus oil on you scalp. They induce sound sleep. However avoid their usage in winters.

• Also try massaging the soles of your feet with castor oil.

• Alternatively you can try massaging the soles of your feet with cucumber peels also.

• A soak in a tub of warm water before you hit the pillow also helps you to sleep well.

• Avoid coffee late in the evening.

• Avoid long naps during the day.

• You might also consider Shirodhara, a part of Ayurvedic cleansing procedure called Panchakarma from a suitable Ayurvedic spa. This is especially helpful in cases of chronic insomnia.


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