Hi ho hi ho….

Well as the mortgage won’t pay itself (such a shame) I am off to paid employment again after a break (!) of nearly six years with the children.

I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things to be able to get a job and still run Joliv and be a mum (oh nearly forgot – and wife! lol) but think it will be worth it when I see how much interest we have saved paying the bank each month! lol

Things at Joliv will still run the same way and it will be interesting to see how things at home run when I start… my husband has realised he can’t stay in bed till the last minute and just concentrate on getting himself ready for work in the mornings anymore, he actually has to also be helping organise two wilful (if adorable) children – ha ha.  Next week (my first week) should be a barrel of laughs! 🙂


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