Chickens anyone!

Does anyone know anything about keeping chickens!
We acquired three little baby chickens a couple of weeks ago and so far they have survived being “cuddled” by the children so I figure they are keepers.
We have built them a lovely chook house (I must figure out how to put photos on here!) but the mother in me just can’t leave them in at night – what if they get cold – so I bring them in every evening to the warmth and take them out to the chook house for the daytime… now I know at some point I will have to stop doing that but they are so little and so cute that until they at least look a bit more grown up they will have to endure this crazy curfew of mine!



  1. Belinda Said:

    What kind of climate are you in? As long as you protect them from drafts, and provide a heat lamp if they are very young (or if it is VERY cold), they should be fine outdoors. BUT, be sure you have a very secure place against predators, because nighttime is when they do their damage. I’ve come out in the morning to find two dozen dead young chooks, and it’s a sick, sick feeling. We have Fort Knox out there now. Good luck with your birds!

  2. lol.. what loved chickens you have!!

    we have chickens and a rooster and they are outside with the frost etc of -2 yeasterday!!

    Mind you they are in a coop locked at night with a little hidy house they roost in. during the day they have a large area to run about and we let them out during the day to “roam” they head back to their home to roost each afternoon.

    lol… dont tell me chooks… they will want to go to your house for a holiday and would never come back!!

    elizabeth xx

  3. Hey yeah, like you we’ve recently got some chickens.

    They’re ‘point of lay’ so about 19 weeks old now.

    The chicken breeder said they wouldn’t start laying until 22 weeks or so; so we’ve got another couple of weeks before they start earning their keep.

    We’ve posted some photos here – Keeping Chickens.

    Stick some up of yours so we can take a look.


  4. Hey, gotta love your chucks! Do you intend eating them?

    Sally xx

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