Well I have been keeping busy – what with the new job and Joliv I’ve been finding myself pretty busy but also I’ve been surprised at suddenly how well I am prioritising and just not bothering with the stuff that doesn’t count (you know, the time wasting stuff we all do!) in a bid to get the important stuff finished so I can either go to bed (lol) or spend time with the family – depending on time of day of course!

So far so good, I don’t feel overwhelmed with the new job and have had no problems getting orders out on time – yippee – thank goodness for that really!

New job is great, two weeks in and I’ve been taken for a long lunch in Newcastle (1.5hrs from where I work!) and last Friday left work at lunchtime for Darling Harbour (2hrs from where I work!) for a work do… not bad I say.  Gotta love a boss who’s not afraid to look after everyone.  🙂

Well pretty quiet Fathers Day here… not that we really go in for all that.  Olivia has gone to a friends house (her own parents were not allowed along as that wouldn’t be fair apparently as it would be the same as staying at home with us!!) 
Zachary and Hieden are napping (both my boys need an afternoon nap or they are rather grumpy! ha ha 🙂
So I am taking this opportunity to do some work (that’s while cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing of course).

Oh and while I’m thinking about it don’t forget to check out the Style Hunt over at Beauty Banquet, it all begins soon so I am off to think up my clue before the race starts.


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