Sweet Lilly Maternity – Business Review

Sweet Lilly Maternity – bringing back the sexy to maternity wear


Online maternity store Sweet Lilly Maternity is now positioned as Australia’s premier shop at home site for racy, fashion savvy maternity clothes, baby wear, breastfeeding clothes and designer baby shower gifts.

With a store offering of over 50 different labels, Sweet Lilly has one of the largest collections of sexy, stylish and affordable maternity collections in Australia today with a cult following of loyal customers who continue to purchase well after the birth of their children. 

Imported labels from the UK, USA and Europe, as well as domestic favourites are what have given Sweet Lilly the ‘edge’ over other maternity stores, as well as the exclusive and highly sought after designer maternity evening dress label Lilly B of Sydney.

“Our strategy is to choose colourful, exclusive, top quality, exciting and edgy maternity styles for our store and offer them at realistic prices,” says store manager Sally Hainey.  “We keep our overheads low in order to pass on the savings to our customers, rather than inflate the price,” she adds.  

“We are always mindful that not all of our customers have a hefty wallet or can justify paying hundreds of dollars for maternity jeans or designer maternity dresses,” she says. 

Customer service is a main concern to this company and to this end, they also offer a made to measure service on exquisite maternity evening gowns and maternity bridal wear with the stylish designer of exclusive maternity dress label Lilly B of Sydney.

Sweet Lilly orders are dispatched the same day and clients usually receive their orders the very next day via express post delivery or personal courier– you can’t get better service than that!  And if that wasn’t enough, all orders are gift wrapped free of charge.

Sweet Lilly Maternity recently scored 4 ½ 5 out of 5 in the online Beauty & Lace Business Awards and this adds testament to their commitment to customer service and superior product range.

Sexy is another major consideration for the product offering at Sweet Lilly Maternity.  You will find a range of sexy maternity lingerie, sleepwear and breastfeeding clothes, as well as a plethora of amazing sexy maternity dresses, maternity evening wear and maternity jeans to make you feel one hot mama during your pregnancy!

So if your pregnancy is giving you the mama blues, take your credit card on a roller coaster ride of pure heaven and visit www.sweetlillymaternity.com.au for a guaranteed fix!
For more information, contact Hannah Thompson


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