Handmade in Oz…

I have been looking for something gorgeous for my daughter for her birthday which is coming up and have found some lovely things that are handmade in Australia which of course owning Joliv I have to love – problem is I can’t get them all so now I have to decide! aghhhh.

I just love this retro dress and can just picture her in it during summer. I’m sure I had something like it when I was little!

And these sweet little slippers are making me clucky!  How tiny are they.  Of course not suitable for a six year old but I got distracted!

And these beautiful bloomers will be perfect for my friends little girl – who is gorgeous enough but in these she will just look even more adorable!  See how hard these things are for me – I get distracted so very easily by pretty things!  I’m starting to see where my daughter gets it from – lol

Olivia loves to help out in the kitchen and loves to look the part of whatever she is doing so a pinafore would also go down a treat.

Or should I go sensible and get this lovely top… it is practical and so very cute….

Oh decisions decisions – I don’t think this has helped! lol

Oh well back to the party planning instead, invitations to finish, food to organise etc etc – a mothers work is never done – well I hope not anyway.


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