Pay it forward

Late last month while visiting EP Designs I found this lovely post about just giving things away for the sake of it called “Pay It Forward”.
I saw the movie of the same names many years ago and thought it was a lovely way of helping others or how just being nice for the sake of it can be so rewarding.
So I left a note for Elena telling her I’d love to be involved and here we are.

I will be adding a photo of my lovely gift later – right now I have the flu and a 6 year old’s birthday party to organise!

Now, would you like to take part? It’s so easy. Here is how it works –
• To the first 3 interested bloggers who respond that they would like to be a part of this, I will be sending a gorgeous something to each of them.
• You MUST leave me a comment on this post to let me know you are interested in joining.
• I responded to Elena’s post. Now I hope you will respond to my post! The first three of you who leave a comment on this post here at Joliv will get something from me in the mail.
• Then those first three bloggers who responded to me, promise to pass it along or “Pay It Forward” to the first three who respond to their post…and on and on it goes.
• Your something can be anything you’ve made, bought, found or were given. Keeping in mind that it might be something you would like to receive.

If you want to join the fun…PLEASE leave a comment on this post and then copy/paste this information about the giveaway on your blog. Then send something to the first 3 bloggers who sign up on your post.
OK, who wants to join in the FUN and “Pay It Forward”?
It was so lovely to receive my gift from Elena at EP Designs. She hand made it herself and it’s so lovely to receive a beautiful gift from someone.
Elena packed the gifts nicely, wrapped in lace tied with a yellow ribbon. Thank you Elena for the gorgeous note paper and giftags, they are lovely and I will take great pleasure in using them for some special people in my life.



  1. sounds very interesting actually!

    love to be part


  2. joliv Said:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Lovely to hear from you.
    Only two to go!


  3. Prizetastic Said:

    Oh this sounds like so much fun, I already have in mind some things I could send to people 🙂 Count me in for sure 🙂

  4. joliv Said:

    Fantastic Prizetastic,
    Send me your address and I’ll get something out to you this weekend.

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