Flu, parties and puppy!

Well I have had a horrible flu – are any of them nice! – and been feeling dreadful and sorry for myself the last few days.

And of course as I was sick there just had to be an event I couldn’t get out of! lol

Olivia’s sixth birthday was last week and her party on Saturday, as it turns out I woke up on the day and felt great (thank goodness) and the party went off without a hitch.  As we were in a local park there were other families about and a little boy of about three came and joined the party (he just saw the ballons and thought he’d probably enjoy that!) so he played birthday games and even got a party bag and a balloon at the end, I figured if he was game enough to come over and try to join in with a bunch of strangers then I was happy to include him, his mum kept coming over to get him but she gave up in the end and he had a lovely time – gosh kids make me laugh.

We also got a puppy recently who of course isn’t house trained – anyone got any tips on that? – so I’m sick, trying to organise a party and pick up dog poo while running Joliv and hold down my job…. and feed the kids!  Hang on, no wonder I got sick in the first place! lol

Hieden and I spent the whole time at the party taking it in turns to not let Zachary escape – as he likes to do, wouldn’t have been a good birthday party if we had lost one child!  Eventually he found some friends who he goes to pre-school with so was happy to sit and play with them which was lovely.

Now Olivia had a lovely time at her fairy party, she made me laugh though when a few weeks ago I was asked her what she wanted for her party…..”fairy party mum with fairy stuff and fairy bread”  then I asked her what sort of cake she would like thinking I’d get the rolled eyes and the huff of breath and be told a fairy cake of course.  But no – my darling sweet fairy girl wanted a snake cake!  So of course that is what she got.  Check out some of the photos from the day below.



  1. Elena Said:

    Hi Korina, sounds like you’ve had busy times. I hope you’re well recovered from the flu.
    All the best with Pay It Forward 🙂

  2. Kez Said:

    I have you’re better soon!

    Glad the party went well though – lol at the snake cake with a fairy party 🙂

  3. Pink Heels Said:

    I absolutely love a good fairy party! It looks like everyone had a fun experience!

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