Treading lightly…

I have recently read the most amazing book which I found out about at Kez’s blog.

It is called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and was written by Barbara Kingsolver. I have never been so reluctant to return a library book!

It was an amazing book and I have been totally inspired to get cracking on my vege garden… any gardeners out there I will need help and advice so let me know who you are! Lol

There is also a
website which is great, the following is taken from Kingsolver’s website “
Welcome to the secret hideaway of a long-forgotten goat, the flowers of a peanut plant nosing their way into the dirt, the lost art of turkey sex:  In Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (HarperCollins Publishers, May 2007), our family documented our year of procuring as much of our food as possible from neighboring farms and our own backyard.”

If you want to be inspired get reading.

And another great find – also on Kez’s blog – thanks Kez – was another blog called Miserly Mum’s Musings and a great looking book called A Goat in my bedroom so I’m off back to the library again… I just love all this info about at the moment on local eating and treading lightly on our earth.

Till next time.




  1. Kez Said:

    Isn’t it a fantastic book?! So inspiring! (Much more inspiring than the weather today, I must say!)

  2. joliv Said:

    I LOVED IT! I am so looking forward to getting some plants in the ground – though who knows when I’ll find the time now! But positive thinking – I wil, I will, I will

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