Who is Joliv?

Well I have spent so much time recently talking about other blogs and about puppies and chickens and children (not in that order!) that I really should mention my business!

Joliv offers an exquisite range of chemical-free, environmentally friendly and entirely natural beauty products. Joliv’s luxurious collection’s come with a unique guarantee that they contain absolutely no harmful or artificial ingredients and that every product will be freshly hand made, from scratch, to order. Joliv is committed to providing gorgeous, premium-quality natural treatments at fair prices as a safe, appealing alternative to chemical-based products.

And that, in a nutshell is Joliv!

We have had a lovely new logo designed recently and I’m in the process of changing EVERYTHING to match it…. such a lot of work.
Check it out below, what do you think?




  1. Anne Maybus Said:

    I think it is lovely. Congratulations

  2. […] small businesses start because the big players miss out on serving a major niche. Joliv is a typical case – they make chemically free, environmentally friendly, natural beauty products as […]

  3. Ingrid Said:

    Your logo is great – stylish and gorgeous. Well done!

  4. Tees2Knees Said:

    Your products sound delightful and your new logo is very stylish indeed. Well done.

  5. […] as Joliv the perfect choice. Owner Korina recently described what they’re all about on the Joliv blog: “Joliv offers an exquisite range of chemical-free, environmentally friendly and entirely […]

  6. Olivia Said:

    I love the new logo, Korina! It really gives a feel of what Joliv is all about. Congrats!

  7. Melissa Said:

    I love the handcream you sent me to try. It’s so nice. I’ve got it on my Christmas list for some more!

  8. gorgeous products… I have been using the facial mist and I am addicted… its exactly what I had been looking for. THANK YOU!
    I especially love the environmental eco friendly part too.

    Will be telling everyone about it.

    Elizabeth xx

  9. bbanne Said:

    I love your products. I am addicted to the Nourishing Hand Cream.

    • joliv Said:

      Thanks Anne, I love it too, but I would wouldn’t I!

  10. […] Statement’ similiar to what Korina at Joliv has about her business.  In her blog post Who is Joliv? she is clear and concise about her service, products and business commitment.  This is my […]

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