My six year old daughter went into Year one this year and she changed schools… after a terrible year in Kindy at a local school where I just felt like all I did was fight for my daughters right to be educated my husband and I had had enough and decided we had to do something.  We finally decide on a local private school (something I never thought I would do!) and the difference already is amazing – not because it is a private school of course, but because the whole atmosphere is different, for the first time my daughter is actually smiling when we pick her up, last year she was so unhappy and believe me it showed in everything she did, right until the end of the year I couldn’t just take her to school and leave her in the playground, I had to pass her to a teacher while she looked at me with huge sad eyes (heartbreaking).  Not even two weeks into the new school year and this morning we got to school and she saw a friend and immediately told me I could go now, gave me a kiss and off she went….. reading Ingrid’s blog entry over at Heart Harmony just now got me thinking about how quickly they grow up and for the first time since she started school I actually felt happy to leave her there knowing she was safe…. Who knows how I’ll react when Olivia starts High School as Ingrid’s daughter has just done but I think we are heading in the right direction now….. even if it is a year late! lol



  1. Kez Said:

    {{HUGS}} – I’m so glad she is enjoying her new school!

    • joliv Said:

      Thanks – happy children equals happy parents thats for sure.

  2. Melissa Said:

    I’m glad she’s enjoying her new school.

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