Successful friends????

Have you ever experienced a really successful period in your life?
Or on the other hand…… not?

Well reading Anne’s blog today rang very true for me and was proof of something I’ve thought for a long time.
Her entry on success talks about how the company you keep can influence your own success in life…

Anne says… “It is interesting to look at your life and find what you like and don’t like about it. Then look at the lives of the people you associate with and you will find remarkably similar situations. Why do we choose to be with these people? Is it a comfort issue? Staying on familiar territory?”

My own experience’s find me agreeing with this and remind me to stick with those people who make me feel good about myself (as opposed to those people that drain the life from you – we’ve all meet those sorts of people)

I’d say being able to sit here typing this with my three year old on my lap screwing up bits of paper and throwing them accross the room (but not trying to touch the keyboard!) is my own little success for the day…. gotta get them where you can! lol


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  1. Anne Maybus Said:

    Keeping little fingers off the keyboard is a big success! haha.

    I think it can be a huge challenge to move out of our comfort zones. We start comparing ourselves to others and we never seem to match up so we just don’t try. It is time to do it anyway! Do it now or you never will. Introduce yourself to someone who is a leader in your field and see what you can learn. Don’t worry, because I am sure they will learn things from us too.

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