Clay eye pad

As we are spending more and more of our time under artificial lightings and illuminations, television, computers and the like, our delicate eyes are constantly subjected to stress and strain.  

To give your eyes much needed rest, here’s a recipe for a clay eye-pad recommended by naturopaths. So try this out to relax and cool your eyes.

The clay eye pad:
Take clay of any colour (preferably black). It should be obtained from the surroundings of a pond or from a virgin ground, devoid of chemical fertilizers. If pure clay is commercially available, you could use that. Sift it and see to it that it is without grits.

Moisten clay with cold water and make round, flat and small lumps from it.
Put these lumps on your closed eyelids for about 10 minutes (not more than that).
Lie down and relax completely.
See to it that your mind is free of all worries and problems of the day.

We frequently rest our eyes during the day (especially when they are tired) by closing them for a moment.
This clay pad relaxation method brings about a fuller and a more conscious relaxation of the eyes and is an improvement on the natural and unconscious process of closing one’s eyes for relaxing.
Clay has the virtue of drawing out toxins and has a cooling effect on the eyes.


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