Easy Natural Way to Clear Skin

This is a great way to clear your skin at home, most commonly tried and the results are unbelievable. Here’s a tip that will vanish those spots, blemishes and grant you a glow in your skin. Make sure you cleanse your skin with water before applying.

Besan flour
Fresh lemon juice
Turmeric powder

Add 1-2 table spoons of gram flour in a small bowl or a plate.
Then add 1-2 teaspoons of dairy yogurt.
Give it a good mix until it creates a good thick paste.
When paste is made add 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.
Also add just a pinch of turmeric powder mix all together and apply on whole face.

Leave to work and dry for 15-20 minutes.
After then wash off smoothly by tapping some water on face and rubbing in a circular motion to completely wash the face.
Once washed tap dry with towel.
Now you will see and feel the difference for yourself
Keep applying this natural remedy once a day and you will see a big difference in your skin, it can be applied to the face, arms, neck, absolutely anywhere to clear the skin.


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