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Flu, parties and puppy!

Well I have had a horrible flu – are any of them nice! – and been feeling dreadful and sorry for myself the last few days.

And of course as I was sick there just had to be an event I couldn’t get out of! lol

Olivia’s sixth birthday was last week and her party on Saturday, as it turns out I woke up on the day and felt great (thank goodness) and the party went off without a hitch.  As we were in a local park there were other families about and a little boy of about three came and joined the party (he just saw the ballons and thought he’d probably enjoy that!) so he played birthday games and even got a party bag and a balloon at the end, I figured if he was game enough to come over and try to join in with a bunch of strangers then I was happy to include him, his mum kept coming over to get him but she gave up in the end and he had a lovely time – gosh kids make me laugh.

We also got a puppy recently who of course isn’t house trained – anyone got any tips on that? – so I’m sick, trying to organise a party and pick up dog poo while running Joliv and hold down my job…. and feed the kids!  Hang on, no wonder I got sick in the first place! lol

Hieden and I spent the whole time at the party taking it in turns to not let Zachary escape – as he likes to do, wouldn’t have been a good birthday party if we had lost one child!  Eventually he found some friends who he goes to pre-school with so was happy to sit and play with them which was lovely.

Now Olivia had a lovely time at her fairy party, she made me laugh though when a few weeks ago I was asked her what she wanted for her party…..”fairy party mum with fairy stuff and fairy bread”  then I asked her what sort of cake she would like thinking I’d get the rolled eyes and the huff of breath and be told a fairy cake of course.  But no – my darling sweet fairy girl wanted a snake cake!  So of course that is what she got.  Check out some of the photos from the day below.


Lovely weekend

Well what a lovely weekend I have had, DH doing a small renovation on our kitchen window on Saturday, it has gone to piddly pathetic need the light on in the middle of the day size to so huge I can’t stop looking at it – it takes up the whole wall!  Loving it and of course the fact I didn’t have to pay a thing, the window is an old beautiful sash window that a friend gave us as he decided he won’t use it in his house and hubby was a carpenter up until a couple of years ago when he threw it all in to become a high school teacher, so perfect, great new window and no money spent – well OK there were a few dollars spent on framing and flashing etc but you know what I mean!

Speaking of flashing (that silver shiny stuff builders use for something!) my DD6 asked if she could play with the role so DH of course said yes… well… Mr Smiley, as she has named him went everywhere with her all day, with her adding bits to him along the way, she even snuggled up with him in bed last night!  Hope you like the picture of the pair of them before they went off for their bedtime story last night!  Kids, gotta love that imagination.

Check out the orange arms, huge purple smile and the bushy eyebrows! lol

Check out the orange arms, huge purple smile and the bushy eyebrows! lol

Well Sunday (today) was pretty hot and yesterday I started on some gardening which I got on with this morning, I love sorting out messes (which my garden certainly was/is!)
Then of course while sorting the garden out and being stinking hot I suddenly wondered if chickens can get sunstroke – am I mummying them again?  Anyway I was so concerned I made DH help me lug the very very heavy coop over to the other side of the garden which I’m so pleased I did as it looks so much better there and is under our gorgeous Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow tree – & I swear the chickens look happier!

Until I saw this tree I had never seen one with such totally different coloured flowers.

Until I saw this tree I had never seen one with such totally different coloured flowers.

What do you think of our efforts?

Lovely new shaded spot for the chickens

Lovely new shaded spot for the chickens

BTW – Chicken house made up of all recycled “stuff” from our shed – isn’t my hubby clever! Or either that he was sick of the chickens living in our house that he would have built them a palace to get them out if I’d asked! lol.  Either way, gotta love him!

And actual chickens now….. haven’t they grown – oh goodness I really am mummying them! lol

And because I can’t take a picture without Zachary demanding I take one of him……

My cheeky cheeky boy.
My cheeky cheeky boy.

Well that was my weekend, off to work tomorrow while hubby and kids stay home on school holidays – NO FAIR! 🙂

Well I have been keeping busy – what with the new job and Joliv I’ve been finding myself pretty busy but also I’ve been surprised at suddenly how well I am prioritising and just not bothering with the stuff that doesn’t count (you know, the time wasting stuff we all do!) in a bid to get the important stuff finished so I can either go to bed (lol) or spend time with the family – depending on time of day of course!

So far so good, I don’t feel overwhelmed with the new job and have had no problems getting orders out on time – yippee – thank goodness for that really!

New job is great, two weeks in and I’ve been taken for a long lunch in Newcastle (1.5hrs from where I work!) and last Friday left work at lunchtime for Darling Harbour (2hrs from where I work!) for a work do… not bad I say.  Gotta love a boss who’s not afraid to look after everyone.  🙂

Well pretty quiet Fathers Day here… not that we really go in for all that.  Olivia has gone to a friends house (her own parents were not allowed along as that wouldn’t be fair apparently as it would be the same as staying at home with us!!) 
Zachary and Hieden are napping (both my boys need an afternoon nap or they are rather grumpy! ha ha 🙂
So I am taking this opportunity to do some work (that’s while cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing of course).

Oh and while I’m thinking about it don’t forget to check out the Style Hunt over at Beauty Banquet, it all begins soon so I am off to think up my clue before the race starts.

Figured out the photos!

Finally decided to figure out the photos on here so here are a couple of shots.




And a chicken being loved by Olivia!

A very loved chicken!

A very loved chicken!

 And while I’m at it here is Zachary looking his usual charming self – lol

The delightful Mr. Zachary Quack

The delightful Mr. Zachary Quack

Chickens anyone!

Does anyone know anything about keeping chickens!
We acquired three little baby chickens a couple of weeks ago and so far they have survived being “cuddled” by the children so I figure they are keepers.
We have built them a lovely chook house (I must figure out how to put photos on here!) but the mother in me just can’t leave them in at night – what if they get cold – so I bring them in every evening to the warmth and take them out to the chook house for the daytime… now I know at some point I will have to stop doing that but they are so little and so cute that until they at least look a bit more grown up they will have to endure this crazy curfew of mine!

First day…

Well day one at the new post is complete and went well.  Conversing with people over 3 all day has been good for me I think!

Back to Joliv and all the vouchers went out today to everyone who completed our survey last week so hopefully lots of happy people receiving those about now.

Well of course all the work I would normally do throughout the day has to still be done (!) so I’m off to work for the second time today… lol

Hi ho hi ho….

Well as the mortgage won’t pay itself (such a shame) I am off to paid employment again after a break (!) of nearly six years with the children.

I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things to be able to get a job and still run Joliv and be a mum (oh nearly forgot – and wife! lol) but think it will be worth it when I see how much interest we have saved paying the bank each month! lol

Things at Joliv will still run the same way and it will be interesting to see how things at home run when I start… my husband has realised he can’t stay in bed till the last minute and just concentrate on getting himself ready for work in the mornings anymore, he actually has to also be helping organise two wilful (if adorable) children – ha ha.  Next week (my first week) should be a barrel of laughs! 🙂


Well I officially have Mondayitis – I just can’t get motivated today, keep starting things, then going off onto something else, then just generally not getting anywhere really….

But a nice change of pace for me really as I’ve spent the day hanging out with my little boy Zachary (who likes to tell me he will really be a good boy this time if only I give him another lollipop – am I falling for this blatant lie – you betcha!) and just doing nothing which is so alien to me – I couldn’t do it everyday but I kinda like it!

Oh I did manage to post the orders out so that at least is something significant!